Lion’s Head Investments introduced Megapark’s redesign project


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Lion’s Head Investments introduced a redesign project of Megapark during a meeting with public media. Sergey Koynov, Executive Director of Lion’s Head Management, Miroslav Tanchev, Property Manager at Мegapark and Victoria Ilieva, Creative Director of VIArchitects were present at the meeting.

A year after Lion’s Head acquired Megapark, a building designed by the Austrian architects UMA, which stands out with remarkable external spaces on different floors, and less than 10 years after it started operating, a complete makeover of the common parts is in progress. The redesign project is developed by VIArchitects’ design team, striving to promote more comfortable spaces through recreating homelike atmosphere for the employees by incorporating wood and numerous sitting areas.

“A lot of the employees spend most of their day in the building and they would appreciate an improvement on comfort and design. Taking this into consideration, our goal is to merge the borders of shared and private space, work and home environment, to turn the common spaces of the building into “inhabited”, cozy, reminding of home premises, which at the same time are functional and stimulating productivity and interaction”, stated Victoria Ilieva, Creative Director of VIArchitects.

Companies, leasing offices of more than 1500 sq. m dominate in the prime business buildings in Sofia, mentioned Sergey Koynov. “During 2019 more than 60% of the new lease inquiries at Megapark are for office spaces larger than 1000 sq. m“, clarified Mr. Koynov. As he said, the major companies are purposely looking for buildings, which have larger floor area, providing the opportunity to place all of their employees on the same floor, instead of separating them in different office spaces on several floors”.


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