MyFlex – A New Coworking Space Coming Up in Megapark


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As coworking spaces are becoming a more common solution that prime business centres worldwide are incorporating in their services’ mix, MyFlex at Megapark is preparing to open in Q1, 2022 with a wide set of flexible solutions.

MyFlex has been developed as a project by Lions’ Head and will be operated by ​​Cushman & Wakefield Forton company. The first stage of the new coworking hub comes with 250 desks in an area of 2 500 square metres. The workspace has been tailored to meet different flexible needs for its business clients – from accommodating serviced offices demand, through membership packages and rental of designated space for meetings, events and training sessions.

The project will be launched following an increased demand for more flexible workspace solutions that companies are implementing in a changed working environment with the adoption of the hybrid work model. MyFlex will operate as a platform open both to Megapark’s tenants on demand,  and to other companies seeking flexible office space options, startups and new business ventures.

“Coworking options have a successful track record when decisions need to be agile and flexible in a dynamic market environment. The worldwide pandemic has changed the way people work and more and more companies have already introduced the hybrid work model.

Moving forward, prime commercial buildings will continue to incorporate coworking spaces as a key option in their office space mix. MyFlex is a natural result of our efforts to constantly adapt the offerings of all Lion’s Head commercial properties in the region to the latest business demands”, says Krassimir Petrov, Asset and Property Manager at Cushman & Wakefield Forton.

MyFlex has been designed in line with the sustainable principles Megapark has already introduced in its interior, featuring a high-end air purification system, the employment of natural materials and light colours, optimised access to natural daylight, etc.

MyFlex’s being part of Megapark’s excellent location at Tsarigradsko Shosse also illustrates the new trend in positioning coworking spaces in the city business hubs rather than the city centre. Coworking operators are now looking for locations in major business areas and closer to residential districts, in contrast to previous years, when the city centre would have been considered as the only suitable location.

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